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I moved in a few months ago, and from what I just read, I think the place is under new management. Nobody at the office lives on the property or gets drunk and fights people from what I know. I've personally had an overall good experience with the apartment. Yes the appliances are old, but mine work fine. My fridge was new, the carpet was clean, nothing noteworthy about the state of the apartment when we moved in. When our A/C needed work during the summer, it did take a while for the technician to come, but i was told that 5 other A/C units were in a worse situation than ours (ours was leaking), and they had to get to them first. He did get to ours in the time frame they told us, and fixed it quite fast. My husband does complain about treatment from one individual at the office, but my overall experience with the office staff has been pleasant, considering there are 3 people working there. I have noticed that the particular individual my husband complains about seems to treat him different than me when he comes with me to the office. There does seem to be a log of dog poop around, which i put more on the fault of the dog owners, considering there are trash bins and doggy bag dispensers disbursed generously about, which seem to be adequately stocked every time I've checked them. **edit** The longer I live here, the more convinced I am that this place is under new management. The lady at the office's customer service has improved since my last comment. The service we've received anytime we've needed maintenance done has been fast and efficient. I am very happy to live here and my husband and I are considering signing on for another year.

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